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ART = My Life

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My inspiration ...

I think of myself as a visual storyteller; a colourist, and texturist. Nature is still my greatest muse, and I immerse myself in it daily. It allows me to find stillness and observe, which often brings a cascade of new ideas. Inspiration also comes from sound and scent and the urban jungle.
I am neurodivergent, or as society often labels me 'quirky', or weird. 


My upbringing was steeped in artistic influences, with a photographer father and a poet mother. This dual exposure to different media profoundly shaped my artistic journey.

One of my most significant projects was a photo-art series inspired by my favourite poet, Bülent Ecevit (former Turkish Prime Minister). His poem "I carved light from stone" left an indelible mark on my soul.


For me, the experimentation and process are paramount, overriding the importance of the finished work. I enjoy the co-creation with materials, never fixating on the end result. My preferred mediums include inks, acrylics, and gouache, though I have increasingly embraced digital art in recent years.

As a passionate wordsmith, I like to thing I paint poetry, translating my soul into textures and colours —a kind of cross-pollination.  I identify more as a mixed media or conceptual artist than a fine artist.

After leaving the Academy in Vienna, finding the curriculum restrictive and downright narcissistic, I pursued a career as a journalist and photo-reporter. Art, however, remained my constant companion, my personal narration of the world. It has been a life-saver, a healer, a therapist, a best friend. It often brings order to my inner chaos and fuels my childlike wonderment of people, nature, and the universe. This journey of artistic exploration and transforming ideas into tangible things is the most exciting adventure I could wish for. 


THANKS ... for stopping by and showing an interest. I hope you enjoy what you find here. 

With love,



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